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Dr. Gladys Frankel, PhD


Dr. Gladys Frankel brings her expertise as a Clinical Psychologist to Burch Price Associates. Dr. Frankel, a graduate of Columbia University has served in Faculty positions at Weill Cornell College of Medicine and Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth as well as an Attending Psychologist at the highly ranked New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. Frankel provides consultative services in different settings, working with individuals, couples and companies to improve their communication, productivity, relationships, anxiety and stress management. She works with athletes, including Division 1 and Olympic athletes, and coaches to improve peak performance.

Dr. Frankel provides Dr. Herbert Benson/ Harvard Medical School’s SMART Program, Stress, Management and Resiliency Training.

Dr. Frankel has an expertise in Positive Intelligence, a system developed by Stanford Business School Professor Shirzad Chamine for mental fitness that boosts performance, well-being and strengthens relationships.

Dr. Frankel is knowledgeable of workplace issues as she serves as an expert witness, providing evaluations for harassment, discrimination and sexual assault cases.

Dr. Frankel is a frequently requested presenter at various venues from local, national and international conferences, including the Beljanski Foundation, American Psychological Association, Dartmouth medical school, the National Association for Divorce Professionals and The Crimes Against Women National Conference. She is a resource for journalists, and has been a guest on nationally broadcast radio shows such as Dr. MD.

Dr. Frankel will utilize her expertise to assist in data gathering, analysis, problem solving and creating interventions.

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