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Tracey L. Corbett, MA, LLPC, GCDF

Professor of HR and Speaker

Tracey Corbett has more than 20 years of experience in higher education, instruction, and training and development. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Northern Michigan University and a Master of Arts degree in counseling in higher education from Western Michigan University (WMU).

She has obtained certifications in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory and Clifton StrengthsFinder assessments and as a Global Career Development Facilitator. Ms. Corbett currently holds the Limited Licensed Professional Counseling licensure in Michigan and is close to achieving full licensure. Her areas of expertise include career and employment counseling at all levels of career development, understanding generational nuances and leveraging them in any environment, understanding veterans on campus and in the workplace, and recognizing and supporting introversion and extroversion preferences to maximize their potentials in the workplace and classroom.  

She has taught technical writing in WMU’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences part time for over 20 years and was recently offered a full-time instructor position teaching business communications in WMU’s Haworth College of Business.  Ms. Corbett is also an instructor for the global program at Western Michigan Institute, Guizhou (China) University of Finance and Economics.   Ms. Corbett is committed to helping individuals and teams discover their unique ways of knowing and behaving, then empowering them to be successful and fulfilled, both personally and professionally.

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