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Training for Neurodiversity inclusions at work

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Unlocking Unique Potentials

Creating inclusive environments for all minds to thrive. Specializing in neurodiversity-focused organizational consulting, tailor-made educational workshops, and comprehensive online courses designed to foster understanding, innovation, and collaboration in the modern workplace.

Reduce bias and discrimination

Increase innovation and creativity

Increase motivation and productivity

Burch Price and Associates offers workshops on DE&I neurodiversity in the workplace for HR professionals, therapists and more

Who We Are

A partnership for change

At Burch Price and Associates, we're dedicated to empowering organizations to create workplaces that embrace and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


Going beyond traditional training, we're partners in preparing for a future where diversity isn't just talked about. Urgency is placed on taking action toward building sustainable success. We believe the future of organizations (and the world) will include a rising number of neurodivergent individuals.


Our mission is to provide innovative organizational consulting, educational workshops, and online courses to help educate, address biases, and promote a harmonious and diverse work environment.

We believe everyone deserves a great place to work and thrive in a community of acceptance.

What We Do

Neurodiversity training for therapists, HR professionals and beyond. We are committed to raising awareness, building knowledge, and driving positive impact.

CE/PDC Credit Courses

Elevate your professional standing while gaining valuable insights. Our CE/PDC credit courses cover various topics related to diversity, equity & inclusion in the workforce.


Stay informed, stay competitive, and gain practical insights to foster inclusivity.

Common topics:

  • Neurodiversity in the workplace

  • Integration strategies for neurodiverse employees

  • Ageism in the workplace

  • Cultivating an inclusive leadership team

Custom Corporate Consulting

From C-suite to HR Departments, Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, Military and Health Care Organizations, we provide innovative organizational strategies, educational workshops, and online courses.

We provide:

  • Custom workshops

  • Custom consulting 

  • Updating operational best practices for leadership 

Cultivate empathy, collaboration, and understanding — crucial elements in building a cohesive and diverse workplace.

Interested in a Corporate Workshop?

C-suite, HR departments, Military, Health Care Organizations, & Industrial and Organizational Psychologists

Ask us about our custom workshops and consulting services.

Step 1 — Fill out the brief intake form

We’ll discuss your business goals and which  service or consulting strategy is right for you.

Step 2 — Choose & book your service

Once we determine your organization's needs, we’ll book your workshop or schedule your consulting time.

Step 3 — Get ready to make a positive impact!

Move forward together and see tangible improvements in your business’ culture and employee engagement.

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